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What's Included?

  • Personal, hands-on training
  • Complete documentation & tutorials
  • Customized support plans & more...

Davison CMMS & PredictMATE Overview

  • Easy configuration with minimal training required
    • Assistance building your equipment list and preventive maintenance.
    • Complete documentation and context-sensitive help buttons.
    • Small training requirement to get started
    • On-site training and setup available
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  • Work orders & scheduling
    • Request a work order in a simple window or directly from email.
    • Email work order requests and updates, sent and received from an email account. This can reduce the number of users required.
    • Gantt Chart for planning work orders.
    • Work orders generated from PredictMate.
  • Equipment inventory (parts)
  • The Inventory Lead Time report lists work orders with not enough parts.
  • Quantity and reorder points are maintained as parts are used from work orders.
  • Parts are grouped and assigned to equipment, work orders, and preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Preventive maintenance (PM)
    • Schedule preventive maintenance with optional routes.
    • Print a PM list or mix PM tasks with Corrective work orders.
    • PM schedules around a single calendar date or simply from the last completed PM.
    • Scheduling for seasonal or other options. Un-do scheduled PM.
  • Management reports
    • Management reports plus custom reports with support.
    • Built-in report changes with ReportWorks Lite.
  • PredictMATE®
    • Predictive maintenance (PdM) integrated with the CMMS.
    • Analysis & Forecasting
    • Receive about any type of data from various sources.
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  • CMMS or PredictMate on a USB removable drive
    • Run CMMS or PredictMate on a removable USB flash drive at a remote, and then update at a host computer.
    • Inexpensive in comparison to handheld devices.
    • No separate training for a handheld device.
    • You can review remote data entry before updating the host.
    • Give work orders to personnel on the USB drive.
  • Import/export data
    • Export to text (CSV, TXT), Excell (.XLS) or replicate via ODBC.
    • Replicate from many remote sites to one host database in MS Access, SQL Sever, SyBase, MySQL, Oracle. Economical for multi-site organizations (not web based).
    • Special imports from Excell (XLS) spreadsheets.
    • Special data entry from Excell spreadsheets.
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  • Handheld in Palm OS, Windows CE, Android
    • Transfer data with a Palm OS, Windows CE, Android handheld device for Equipment, Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance, Parts Inventory, and Predictive Readings. 
    • Handheld pictures (JPEG format) are compressed from full-sized images and related to handheld records - Palm OS only.
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