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Why CMMS & PdM?

  • Prevent untimely breakdowns
  • Forecast and plan repairs
  • Operate efficiently at capacity
  • Save money

Davison Maintenance CMMS

Davison Maintenance CMMS is a fast and self-contained Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) developed by Paul Davison.

Manage work done on facility assets.


Contact DS to download Davison Maintenance CMMS and PredictMate for a free trial.

PredictMate (tm)

PredictMATE Runs with or without a CMMS.

  • Take regular vibration readings.
  • Trend values and Forecast problems.
  • Manage PdM work orders to fix problems.




Save time and money with a self-contained CMMS.

What you can expect:

Asset and Equipment Maintenance Management

Manage your maintenance with a system designed for the maintenance manager.
Schedule the work of personnel with simple scheduling methods.

Cost Reduction, not just Budget Reporting

Make a real difference in equipment downtime with a focus on equipment maintenance.

Management Reporting

Show your productivity in labor hours and reduced downtime.
Costs for Labor, Inventory, Services can be entered in Davison CMMS, then exported to systems that are designed for cost accounting and depreciation.

Little or no Software Administration

Davison CMMS is a compact and well-tested CMMS and Predictive software. It installs easily. It continues to run in either desktop or local network in the latest Windows system.

Free yourself from Enterprise Systems

Davison CMMS is not an enterprise software and that is a strength. It can replicate data to enterprise reporting. Convert your enterprise asset information to Davison CMMS and still maintain enterprise requirements separately. Manage your facility with less software and hardware.

Lean Deployment

We work to simplify your requirements. Davison CMMS and PredictMATE are self-contained programs. Our CMMS with 5 concurrent users can manage many more if deployed using existing resources:

  • Email for work orders.
  • Transfer with Android devices.
  • Remote Work Order Request and Review windows
  • Remote Parts/Inventory entry.

Disaster Preparedness

  • Runs self-contained and stand-alone on a PC or closed network.
  • Easy local backups to ZIP files that are easy to restore.

Security Risks

Web-based applications running in an Internet browser are inherently vulnerable to security risk. A desktop application like Davison CMMS is separated from such security risk. The performance is faster and you have control over your data.

Web-based applications can be easier for the developer to support, unless you consider the issues of maintaining a web server. Performance is not dependable and you may have issues even retrieving your data for reports.

Less administration required.

  • Needs only simple database maintenance including indexing and backup.
  • Little IT administration and setup. No constant pathches and upgrades by programmers.

Replicates to a data warehouse for mult-site reporting.

  • Replication to SQL databases.
  • Upload data as a ZIP file to a web site or via email.

Custom Changes And Engineering Support

We are interested in projects that include machine condition evaluation, energy audits, and other engineering support.

Source code is available

Upon request, licensed users receive source code for application DLLs for windows, logic, reports, and special programs. You can change and compile this source code.
You can change Reports and Android handheld forms.

Hands-On Experience

Paul Davison began working hands-on in maintenance management as a certified water treatment plant operator and manager. He has worked for many engineering and contract operations firms as a technician, operations coordinator, and a trainer. Paul also has years of full-time experience in programming enterprise databases for a large corporation.

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Android Hand Held Devices

  • Transfer with Davison CMMS or PredictMate.
  • Easy setup of routes from the CMMS.
  • All predictive values are related to CMMS Equipment.

Our data transfer with Android devices is a lean, paperless system for many hand held users. No network software or hardware is needed.

View and save PDF: About Android Data Transfer.

Running Davison CMMS from a remote site

Internet connection can be slow and intermittent. Running a CMMS from a remote site can be too slow. See this simple procedure for updating Davison CMMS on a host computer or network system from a stand-alone remote.

  • Backup to a ZIP file.
  • Send the backup ZIP file to the host.
  • Restore that backup to Davison CMMS at the host.

View and save PDF: Running the CMMS from a remote.

Contact DS now. Economical Systems including up to 4 hours remote support.

Try Out The Software

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