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Why CMMS & PdM?

  • Prevent untimely breakdowns
  • Forecast and plan repairs
  • Operate efficiently at capacity
  • Save money

Davison Maintenance CMMS

Davison Maintenance CMMS is a fast and self-contained Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) developed by Paul Davison.

Manage work done by personnel on equipment and other facility assets. Maintain an inventory of parts used from work orders and report maintenance costs and down time.

PredictMate ®

PredictMATE Runs with or without a CMMS.
  • Take regular vibration readings.
  • Trend values and Forecast problems.
  • Manage PdM work orders to fix problems.


Save time and money with a self-contained CMMS.

Focus on your business requirments:

  • Manage the people who perform maintenance tasks.
  • Control costs and manage equipment inventory requisition.
  • Plan equipment replacement costs.
  • Fulfill the reporting requirements for your organization.

Lean Computing

Let us show you how to manage your facility with less software and hardware.
Sometimes we advise against software purchase, instead consulting with utility programs that supplement your programs.

Lean Deployment

We can deploy the program at your facility. We work to simplify your requirements. Davison CMMS and PredictMATE are self-contained programs. Our CMMS with 5 concurrent users can manage many more if deployed using existing resources:

  • Email for work orders.
  • Mobile Handheld Devices for Palm OS, Windows CE or Android
  • SQL reporting server host replicated from more than one CMMS.
  • Remote Work Order Request and Review windows
  • Remote Parts/Inventory entry.

Custom Changes And Engineering Support

We are interested in projects that include machine condition evaluation, energy audits, and other engineering support.

Source code is available

Upon request, licensed users receive source code for application DLLs for windows, logic, reports, and special programs. You can change and compile this source code.
You can change Reports and Android handheld forms.

Asset Management Details

Apply your asset management details without dependance on proprietary software.
Davison CMMS contains the data elements for asset management, like Class, Parent/Child relation, useful life, and costs. Davison CMMS has summary reports for equipment costs, replacement costs, but we also export this information in a format compatible with your accounting of assets.

Davison CMMS has import utility from Excel (.xls) spreadsheets for direct costs, replacement, parent/child relations. Parent assets are included in a separate table if not used for work orders or preventive maintenance.

Hands-On Experience

Paul Davison began working hands-on in maintenance management as a certified water treatment plant operator and manager. He has worked for many engineering and contract operations firms as a technician, operations coordinator, and an experienced trainer. Paul also has years of full-time experience in programming enterprise databases for a large corporation.

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Android Hand Held Devices

  • Transfer with Davison CMMS or PredictMate.
  • Easy setup of routes from the CMMS.
  • All predictive values are related to CMMS Equipment.

Our data transfer with Android devices is a lean, paperless system for many hand held users. No network software or hardware is needed.

View and save PDF: About Android Data Transfer.

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